frequently asked questions

are there any fees or commissions?

we do not charge any fees or commissions. this is one way we are DIFFERENT from other house buying companies. we pay any fees or costs that are associated with your home. once we work out an offer, you will be satisified with extra cash in your bank account.


am i obligated to anything once i submit my information?

there are NO obligations once you submit your information. it is YOUR decision to sell your house to us or not.

how fast can you get me a cash offer?

we are able to get you an offer once you submit your information. then, our trained experts will calculate a fair offer for your home within 48 hours. once you accept an offer, we will send an agent with your cash offer – which means no waiting around for a real estate agent!

are we a real estate company?

no, we are not a real estate company. we do not list your property or any of the properties that we buy. we ONLY buy and sell houses. this means you do not have to wait for a real estate agent to come to your house. also, you will be able to close out your home in as little as a week.


how do we calculate your offer?

the way we process our offers is simple. we look at the condition of the property, the area it is located in, and any repair costs that needed to be added. from these calculations, we are able to provide you with the best offer for your home.

if its this simple, is there a catch?

there are no tricks or any scams at all! wholesaling is the BEST way to sell your house for the most cash. there are no open houses or waiting on a brokerage charging tons of fees and commisions. we are able to to give you your cash whenever you want it – its simple.

still have questions?

Three Ways to Get Cash

learn how cashgeeks can get you the best offer for your house with these 3 simple steps.


provide us with information

provide us with a few details about your home along with a few photos. we will then proceed to get you an offer for your home.

get cash from a geek

we will send you a simple offer – meaning no surprise fees or obligations, just a cash offer for your home

arrange closing date

upon accepting an offer, select a date to close your house. cashgeeks will prepare your payment when you’re ready!

Sell Your House with a Geek!

let cashgeeks help you sell your home today! contact us for your FREE offer.