About Us

what makes us cashgeeks

About the Team

here at cashgeeks, we have one goal – GET YOU A SIMPLE, CASH OFFER FOR YOUR HOME. we have 20+ years of combined experience in the housing market, which means you can trust us to buy your home for a fair offer.

What makes us better than the rest?

we are not a real estate company! we are a wholesaling company that specializes in buying and selling homes – and that’s it! we don’t have any comission fees or obligations, we just want to buy your home for a fair offer.  so whether your on your computer, or on the go with your phone, we can get you a cash offer IMMEDIATELY.

Three Ways to Get Cash

learn how cashgeeks can get you the best offer for your house with these 3 simple steps.


provide us with information

provide us with a few details about your home along with a few photos. we will then proceed to get you an offer for your home.

get cash from a geek

we will send you a simple offer – meaning no surprise fees or obligations, just a cash offer for your home

arrange closing date

upon accepting an offer, select a date to close your house. cashgeeks will prepare your payment when you’re ready!

Sell Your House with a Geek!

let cashgeeks help you sell your home today! contact us for your FREE offer.